Tech Farm Enterprises, Inc. currently operates from facilities located approximately 10 miles east of the Florida Everglades.  As stated on our product page, the warm climate is fitting for optimal tilapia farming and distribution on a year-round basis.


We grow and display our fish in a variety of tanks filled with all the critical water quality variables. This way we can better produce tilapia in a cost effective and suitable way.


With Tech Farm Enterprises, Inc. you can rest assured that your fish are treated with the correct environmental parameters. Most noteworthy of course being proper feeding of nutritionally balanced fish feed.


To produce excellent growth rates, we feed our fish protein filled pelleted diets at rates ranging from 1.0% to 30% of their body weight per day based on their age and size. However, we don’t do this alone.


Top of the Line Fish Feed


Our fish nutrition comes from Cargill, an international food provider with over 150 years of experience. They help us with productivity, water quality and feed performance. But, most of all their practices for large farms also help with sustainability to meet market demands.


At Tech Farm Enterprises, Inc. we know how critical nutrition is to the success of any tilapia farming operation so that is why we work with the best in the business to feed our fish.


They work with us to produce the best product so we can give our customers an even better one.

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