Tilapia is the second most farmed fish in the world. However commercial farming is limited to Eastern countries like India or Thailand. That’s why we decided to bring this type of aquaculture to the US on a large scale for wholesale buyers and retailers.


Since tilapia can only survive and breed in warmer water it is considered a seasonal fish. The ideal water temperature for a tilapia farm is about 84 degrees Fahrenheit. This type of fish cannot survive below 55-degree weather. Therefore, a place with year round sunshine and warm weather seemed like the perfect place to start.


At Tech Farm Enterprises, Inc. our aquaculture thrives. We focus on producing organic tilapia using advanced and environmentally sustainable products. Our tank system also helps us control and optimize growth to ensure a constant production of fish.


With rapid industry changes, supply and demand vary, but we are able to provide our customers with a year round supply of fresh fish thanks to our available resources and sustainable environment.


The images below showcase our fish tanks at our farm in Weston, Florida.  The tanks vary in size as do the fish, but we continue to grow and will develop more tanks in due time.


So, please check out our tilapia farm gallery often for new updates.


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Disclaimer: Tech Farm Enterprises, Inc. will not knowingly sell fish for public water stocking without the expressed consent of the appropriate controlling government agency. It is the buyer’s responsibility to comply with all applicable laws regarding the purchase, transport and introduction of fish into any body of water.